The long road

The long road

I never quite understood how the saying ‘take the long road’ actually applied to everyday life. However now I’m finding great enjoyment in doing things the slow way.

I used to walk the 3.5km direct route to work, but my journey home would be a wonderful scenic meandering that would be anywhere from 10km to 30km. That journey home was never planned and I’d turn down whichever street I felt like. It was long and slow, full of little discoveries and wonderfully meditative. I’d be running for long enough that my body would get in to a wonderful rhythm, my lungs would fill with oxygen and my mind would clear.

Only in the past couple of weeks have I discovered how taking the long road can apply to so much more of my life. I’ve started doing things the inconvenient way – buying nuts and seeds raw and making flour rather than purchasing it, growing my herbs from organic seeds, hunting down and purchasing what we need second hand, reusing and repurposing as much of our waste as possible, the list goes on…

Taking the long road, or choosing a more mindful journey, is giving me great joy. Not only is it benefitting the environment, it’s forcing me to slow down, enjoy the process, and appreciate what we have.

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