Reduce plastic packaging of fresh produce

Reduce plastic packaging of fresh produce

Australia’s major groccery stores, Woolworths and Coles, are rapidly expanding their organic and health food offerings. In order to distinguish between organic and non-organic produce at the register they are packaging organic produce in plastic.

The problem with this is two fold. The first is the obvious increase in unnecessary package that will end up as waste in landfill. The second problem is health related.

The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organisation are investigating the endocrine-disrupting affect of chemicals and plastics on health. Unnecessarily packaging fresh produce (especially organic produce) in plastics increases our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Sign the petition to let our major groccery chains know that we want less plastic packaging and alternative ways for them to identify organic and non-organic produce.

Thank you for playing your part!

PS Apologies for the abissimial photo. I wasn’t willing to take the 5D in to Woolies.

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