Simple nutrient dense food and living a mindful natural life.

They’re my passions.

And as you might have guessed, running.

I love connecting with nature and trail running gives me the perfect opportunity to do that. Being with nature reminds me that I am part of something so much greater, something so incredible. It fills me with gratitude, keeps me humble, and reminds me of the importance of treading lightly on our earth. Nature is an incredible provider.


I’ve always loved seasonal, organic, healthy, nutrient dense wholefoods. For over five years I’ve kept a food and exercise dairy and experimented with a range of different ‘diets’ (low carb, macro nutrient tapering, akaline, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, sugar free, gluten free, grain free, dairy free …) to see what works best for my health, performance and body composition.

What I’ve discovered works for me is a bit of a combination of all of those diets with one key element, restricting high energy carbs to when I exercise. So my diet is split in to

  • Anytime food – which has no or low sugars or carbs, and forms the majority of my diet. The recipes feature mainly veggies, nuts, seeds with some meat and are usually high in protein. I try to limit the high fructose fruits, but they do sneak in occasionally.
  • Exercise food – which still incorporates protein but also includes whole food carbs and natural sugars. Carbs are necessary to fuel and repair cells after exercise, just not with every meal the way a conventional diet incorporates them.

I keep all my recipes simple, mostly quick to make, and use easy to source ingredients. I try to keep them flexible so they can be used as inspiration and incorporate whatever seasonal produce you have on hand. There’s no faffing around with dehydrators, thermomixes or hunting down some irish moss. Plus I’ll only publish recipes that are husband approved so you’ll know they’re tasty.


I like my food simple, seasonal and sustainable.

With all produce I try to buy organic, local and seasonal produce and some heirloom varieties. This is more sustainable as it reduces food miles and artifical fertiliser production, reduces chemical consumption, and ensures I get a variety of nutrients in my diet. It’s also great to support my local community and eating seasonally is cheaper too. Heirloom varieties support greater biodiversity in crop production and I find using them fun as they can make the same dish look and taste slightly different.

With meats, dairy and eggs I also buy locally so I can ensure the product is organic and the animals are treated ethically. And when selecting seafood I use the sustainable seafood app.

Check out what local food co-ops, community supported agriculture groups and markets exist in your area. I use Food Connect and a few local organic shops and home delivery services. Local Harvest is a good place to start if you’re Australian. The large groccery chains aren’t the best option for getting the majority of produce.

If you can’t afford to buy all your produce organically, grow what you can (starting with herbs) and check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen so you can prioritise which crops its worth spending the money on to buy organic. I prioritise getting organic berries, leafy greens, broccoli, apples and tomatoes as these are heavily sprayed crops and are staples in my diet.

I’ll be posting tips to eating seasonally and ethically and guides for key food staples, their nutritional value and how to prepare and store these foods so you can easily incorporate them in to your diet.


I used to think I was living a relatively sustainable urban life. My commute was a walk or a run, we’d recycle and compost, buy green energy, and we even designed and built a sustainable house. But when I was working full time everything was fulled by convenience and misconstrued needs.

It wasn’t until I took a break to have our first bubba that it really clicked how artifical and commercial the ‘normal’ way of living is, how many chemicals and toxins we surround ourselves with everyday, and how unsustainable this way of life is. I want to create a more natural life for us.

We are now on a path of mindfulness – slowing down to realise every decision we make, action we take and product we consume has an impact.

This is my journey of eating well, disposing of disposables and detoxifying our lives.

I hope you’ll join me.

Lauren xx